YOHJI YAMAMOTO | DRESSMAKER is an intimate portrait of the life and work of Yohji Yamamoto, one of the most influential and enigmatic fashion designers of the last forty years. The film sets out to discover and uncover the many layers of the man, delving into the fascinatingly complex life story of this iconic and visionary 73 year-old Japanese craftsman.

Yamamoto invites the viewer behind the curtain and explores his most private and intimate thoughts and feelings. The film sheds light on his artistic approach and creative working process, contrasting them directly with how he sees the “Fashion” industry today and the direction society, in Japan and as a whole, is heading towards.

Yamamoto opens up like never before, shares his deepest insights into his personal life journey. Interviews with key figures – family, friends, employees and closest confidants – provide even more insight into this Japanese artist’s life journey and the core values that he and his clothing embody.


Director: Ngo The Chau
Director of Photography: Matthias Maercks
Editor: Matthias Maercks, Mechthild Barth
Producer: Ngo The Chau, Nico Zeh, Matthias Maercks, Nadav Mor, tadiROCK
Music: Max Richter, Michl Britsch
Production: che*che
Runtime: 52/69 min
Category: Documentary
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitled Versions: English
Country: Germany
Year: 2016


Selected Festivals:
„World Premiere“, Shanghai International Film Festival, China (2016)
A Design Film Festival Singapore, Singapore (2016)
Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, USA (2016)
Vancouver IFF, Canada (2016)
FashionArtCinema (MoeKunstiKino), Estonia (2016)
Milano Design FF, Italy (2016)
„New Filmmakers Competition“, Sao Paulo IFF, Brazil (2016)